Friday May 30 2014

Govt delivers relief food to Napak

By Mudangha Kolyangha


Government has delivered 160 bags of maize flour and 100 bags of beans each of 50kg as relief food to the hunger victims in Napak District in Karamoja sub-region in north eastern Uganda.

The relief food was delivered to the district on Thursday last week and it was distributed by the Napak District disaster team to the most affected families in three sub-counties of Lopei, Matany and Ngoleriet.

Mr Timothy Koryang, the assistant chief administrative officer of Napak and also chairman of the district disaster committee, said the food was distributed to the affected families although it was not enough.

“We thank the government for the food that we have distributed to the affected families but it was not enough because other affected families missed,” he said.

Mr Eria Lobuchel the LC3 chairperson of Lokopo Sub-county, appealed to government to send more food for the hunger victims who missed out.
“The situation is scaring; government should really help us by sending food that can be distributed to all affected families.

He said in his sub-county, almost every household is hit by hunger adding that people have run away from their homes and crossed to the neighbouring districts of Teso and Acholi looking for petty jobs where they are paid with food.

Mr Lobuchel added that hundreds of school children have also dropped out of school as a result of hunger in Lokopo Sub-county.

Local leaders in the district are blaming the hunger on last year’s total crop failure caused by persistent drought.