Thursday May 1 2014

Govt gets Shs7.5b to equip urban youth with skills


The European Union has donated $3million (Shs7.5 billion) to the government to equip youth in urban areas with life skills, starting this month to increase their job opportunities.

Speaking at the launch of the World Vision urban programme on livelihood, income fortification and socio-civic transformation for the youth in Kampala, Mr Mondo Kyateka, the youth commissioner in the Ministry of Gender, said unemployment had forced many youth into commiting crime because they are desperate for survival.

“When someone is poor, they can do anything. They can be given Shs100,000 to go and kill another person because of poverty... That is dehumanising,” Mr Kyateka said.

“We are trying to put in place the youth livelihood programme. It is not that we are doing nothing. We can’t do it alone. We need a partnership,” he added.

The government is yet to identify the towns to start with for the two-year programme.

According to Mr Gilbert Kamanga, World Vision national director, the programme will supplement what other stakeholders in Kampala are doing to improve youth livelihood.

Mr Kyateka attributed the growing unemployment levels to high fertility rate which is at 6.7 per cent.