Govt pledges to deliver drugs to centres on time

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Commissioner for Community Health Anthony Mbonye (R) with the executive director of UNHCO, Ms Robinah Kaitiritimba, at a meeting in Kampala on Tuesday. PHOTO BY GEOFREY SSERUYANGE 

By Geoffrey Sseruyange

Posted  Thursday, March 6   2014 at  02:00

In Summary

Challenges. A study shows many people still travel long distances to access health facilities while others wait for long to get services.


The Ministry of Health will ensure that drugs are delivered to all health centres in time, the commissioner for community health, Dr Anthony Mbonye, has said
“We are working on initiatives to strengthen delivery systems of drugs to ensure availability of drugs in all health facilities in Uganda,” Dr Mbonye said.

He was addressing stakeholders during a meeting about a study on clients’ satisfaction on public health services organised by Uganda National Health Consumers Organisation (UNHCO) on Tuesday.
According to the report conducted last year, majority of people still trek for long distances to seek medical attention.

It also reveals that dispensing of drugs to patients does not only depend on availability but also on health workers’ attitude.
Dr Mbonye called for sensitisation among communities and improved customer care.
The UNHCO executive director, Ms Robinah Kaitiritimba, said health infrastructure had improved but the status of health workers is worrying.

According to national statistics, one out of 10 health workers cannot perform a diagnosis on patients and this is worsened with absenteeism of the medics.

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