Saturday May 10 2014

Govt to recall all private arms

By Enid Ninsiima

The government has finalised plans to withdraw all firearms in private hands.
“All private fire arms will be withdrawn and reissued under the new guidelines of Uganda national policy on firearms, ammunition and incidental matters,” Mr Joe Burvo, the spokesperson of the National Focal Point in the ministry of Internal Affairs, has said.

He was speaking at a training and awareness workshop on proliferation of illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) organised by the ministry of Internal Affairs at Verina Gardens in Kasese recently.
Mr Burvo said this is aimed at addressing the rampant abuse of firearms.
“It has been reported that many private security guard companies in the country are using half-baked personnel who have ended up mishandling the firearms given to them,” Mr Burvo said.

He said all firearms will be marked and controlled by a central registry so that in case of any abuse, the offenders can be easily identified.
“For any person to apply for a private gun, he/she will be vetted by the district task force,” he added.

Mr Nickson Olwa, the deputy head of Conflict Early Warning and Response in the Internal Affairs ministry, told participants that due to lack of proper training for private guards, government has accredited some schools for firearms training and testing.
He said under new regulations, there will be monthly stock taking of firearms by state agencies to the registry.
Politicians, cultural leaders, journalists among others attended the workshop.