Sh22b Gulu University science project starts

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Ms Alupo breaks the ground during the commissioning of construction works at Gulu University at the weekend. PHOTO BY JULIUS OCUNGI. 


Posted  Monday, March 21   2016 at  02:00

In Summary

Purpose. The new facilities will house a library, agriculture lecture halls and multipurpose research laboratories.

Gulu: The Minister of Education, Ms Jessica Alupo on Saturday commissioned the expansion of blocks at Gulu University in Laroo Division, Gulu Municipality that will cost the government Shs22.5b.
The expansion will involve the building of three blocks to house a library, agriculture lecture halls and research laboratories that will be used by the medicine, science and agriculture faculties.

Speaking at the commissioning of the works, Ms Alupo said the project will be funded by the African Development Fund (ADB).
The initiative, according to Ms Alupo, that is doing similar projects in six public universities and two degree awarding institutions, seeks to strengthen tertiary education through capacity building and enhancement.
“This is a national programme conceived by the government to strengthen young universities such as Gulu,” Ms Alupo said.
More than Shs354b ($105m), according to Ms Alupo, has already been secured from ADB under the project.
Prof Jack Nyeko Pen-Mogi, the Gulu University Vice Chancellor, said they will, through the new scheme, drive the university’s and the country’s agenda of promoting sciences education.


Completion: A South Korean Firm, Samhee Construction Company, which was awarded the contract, is expected to have completed the works in 18 months. The facilities will have a capacity of 1,100 students and staff.

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