Friday December 7 2012

HIV/Aids prevalence rate worry Entebbe leaders

By Martin Ssebuyira

Municipal authorities have expressed concern over the rise of HIV/Aids prevalence, which new statistics show have doubled the national figure.

The new statistics revealed on Wednesday by Entebbe health officials show that the prevalence rate, which had been between 10 and 12 per cent for several years, has now reached 14 per cent, almost doubling the national prevalence rate, which is 7.3 per cent.

“Entebbe is a key tourism destination. It is surrounded by islands and fishing communities and is an entertainment town. Those are all key drivers aiding the spread of the disease,” Dr John Kalyesubula, the municipal health officer, said during a schools management committee meeting on Wednesday.

He said the health team discovered 135,000 new HIV/Aids cases during a voluntary testing and counselling exercises.

Dr Kalyesubula called for renewed sensitisation of residents about the dangers of contracting HIV/Aids, adding that some people had started disregarding measures to protect themselves against the disease because of the availability of anti-retroviral drugs.

He added that the new cases are mostly from married couples.
Entebbe Mayor Vincent DePaul Kayanja said leaders at all levels should join the fight against HIV/Aids.

“People should stick to abstaining from sex and being faithful while those who cannot do so, should go for condom use,” Mr Kayanja said.
He said the municipal authorities would stage massive campaigns to create HIV/Aids awareness.