Friday September 5 2014

Head of Islamic body calls for concerted effort against terrorism


ENTEBBE. The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Iyad Ameen Madani has explained that the reason why member states contributed US $10 million was a sign of dissociating Islam from evil acts of terrorism.
The OIC chief while interfacing with journalists on Thursday night at Entebbe International airport as he flew back to Suadi Arabia, explained that for over the years, people have associated Islam with terrorism and that in order to dissociate themselves, OIC member states decided to contribute money to fight the bad vice in East Africa.
Early this week, Mr Madani while attending the African Union Peace and Security Council Summit on terrorism in Nairobi Kenya, announced the contribution of US $10 million as a contribution from OIC in fight against the rampant terror acts in the region.
"Africa’s challenges are also OIC’s challenges. The criminal acts of terrorism has got nothing to do with Islam and our stand is very clear as Islam is religion of peace,” said Mr Madani who assumed office early this year.
He added: "to that effect, the member starts of OIC came up with a contribution of US $10milion to fight these criminal acts,”
The contribution from OIC comes at the time when the East African region especially Kenya has been attacked by the Somali militants the al-Shabaab allegedly for their refusal to pull out from the war torn country.
Uganda and Tanzania have too been hit by the terrorists, so terrorism is real in the region is real.
During his three-day visit in Uganda, the OIC chief had interface with President Museveni on a wide number of issues. He also met with various ministers in a bid to strengthen the ties with OIC
He also toured Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) and its four campuses since the university was started with the help of OIC.<