Saturday February 2 2013

Hepatitis B outbreak kills one in Nakapiripirit

By Steven Ariong

Health officials in Nakapiripirit district have put residents on high alert after a confirmation of Hepatitis B outbreak in the district.

The district health director, Dr John Anguzu, said one person had so far died of the viral disease.

“There could be others suffering from the disease but we have not yet received them because most of our people don’t visit health centres whenever they feel sick,” he said.

Dr Anguzu said his office was mobilising resources for massive sensitisation campaign about the disease and to encourage the people to report anybody suspected to be having Hepatitis B to the nearest health facility.

Hepatitis B is an infectious, inflammatory illness of the liver caused by the Hepatitis B virus. It is transmitted through exposure to infected blood or body fluids.

Dr Anguzu said a person suffering from Hepatitis B feels generally ill, loss of appetites, nausea, vomiting, body aches, mild fever and passes dark urine.

He said early treatment may be required in less than one per cent of the people, whose infection takes an aggressive course.

This is the first registered case of Hepatitis B in Karamoja sub-region, while West Nile and Northern Uganda have had similar outbreaks.