Friday February 14 2014

Kasiano Wadri disappointed with Odonga Otto's conduct

Terego county MP Kassiano Wadri addressing

Terego county MP Kassiano Wadri addressing journalists at Parliament. 

By Benjamin Jumbe

Terego county MP Kassiano Wadri has expressed disappointment with the conduct of some of his colleagues who declined appointments in the shadow cabinet.

Two legislators including Aruu County Mp Odonga Otto and Odo Tayebwa rejected positions given to them in the reshuffle.

Otto had been given the internal affairs ministry docket while Odo Tayebwa was to take up the parliamentary pension fund.

Speaking to journalists at parliament on Thursday, Kasiano Wadri said Ondonga Otto with whom they have served in parliament since 2007 needed to have looked at the bigger picture.

“Let us look at the unity and building of our party as being more important than these positions, these positions are nothing”. Wadri said.

He said all the offices were important just like the different parts of the body which must all work in a coordinated manner for some one to function well.

He said wishing for other things would be like a hunter apportioning parts of an animal to himself before going out to do the real hunting.

“My appeal to him is that let him please accept and serve because we need all of us to serve in various capacities to push forward our party” Wadri appealed.

Meanwhile Wadri dismissed reports that his removal from the Public Accounts Committee as chairperson was a demotion.

Wadri who is now to chair the government assurances committee says, this is instead a great relief and will give him more time to work with the party’s president to mobilise support for the party.

Work in the Public Accounts Committee was enormous, requiring a lot of reading like you were preparing for an exam and sitting in committee meetings for longer hours, but with this new appointment I will no longer do this.” Wadri said

He further said having been assigned to this committee, he will ensure he records all the unfulfilled government assurances and use them as his campaign tools against the regime.