Hundreds miss titles as lands office remains shut

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Bukalasa Lands Office in Wobulenzi Town Council, Luweero District.

Bukalasa Lands Office in Wobulenzi Town Council, Luweero District. The office has failed to issue new land titles due to lack of an electric seal. Photo by Dan Wandera 

By  Dan Wandera

Posted  Friday, June 20   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

Mishap caused by lack of an electronic seal which has not been available since January.

Luweero- Bukalasa Lands Office in Luweero District has not been able to process new land titles for the last six months following the breakdown of the electronic seal, the Daily Monitor has learnt.

The office handles land matters in the greater Luweero Districts which include Nakaseke,Nakasongola and Luweero. However, officials say the office has since January not been able to process any land title because of lack of an electronic seal.

“It is true that currently we do not have the official seal which is affecting service delivery to our people, including getting new land titles, but we have a communication from the Ministry of Lands indicating that the seal will soon be at the office,” Mr Ivan Sserwambala, the Luweero District staff surveyor told the Daily Monitor yesterday.

The electronic seal was introduced by the Lands ministry as part of the computerisation of the land information system. The seal also helps fight forgery.
Land owners and surveyors in the area have, however, expressed concern over the delay. Mr Joseph Kabenge Ssendi, a surveyor, said they are currently losing revenue and customers.

“Many clients contracted me to survey their land and help them secure titles but we can’t have the titles processed because of the absence of the seal. We have been told it will be at the office soon but we are yet to get any positive result,” Mr Ssendi said.

Mr Erasto Kibirango, the district secretary for production, said: “We pray the ministry takes action to have another seal sent to the office”.

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