I am harassed over presidential ambitions, Lukwago says

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Mr Lukwago

Mr Lukwago 

By Andrew Bagala & Dear Jeanne

Posted  Friday, December 6  2013 at  02:00

KAMPALA- Embattled Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago has said the regime is harassing him because of peoples’ demand that he stands for the presidency in 2016.
Mr Lukwago, who visited the burnt Nakivubo Park-Yard Market yesterday, said people who are asking him to stand for the presidency are putting him on a collusion course with the government.

“I am being harassed because of you. Wherever I go, you tell me why I don’t focus on the big seat. That is the reason they are suppressing me,” Mr Lukwago said as traders cheered him on.

Mr Lukwago was deposed from his City Hall office after the government ignored a court injunction barring his impeachment.

However, the government insists the injunction had been served after Council had voted to impeach the Lord Mayor.

Still Lord Mayor
Mr Lukwago together with his supporters, however, insist he is still the Lord Mayor until the case seeking to quash the tribunal report is discharged.
He told traders yesterday that he would resume work today.

Mr Lukwago’s impeachment followed a report by Judge Catherine Bamugemereire’s tribunal that found him guilty of abuse of office, misconduct and incompetence.
When the Daily Monitor contacted him on the matter Mr Lukwago confirmed saying a section Ugandans have been asking him to stand for the presidency.

“I have not yet declared my interest for the position, but people have been asking me to stand for the presidency. All I am saying is that those who want me to stand are causing me problems with the government. That is why am being harassed,” he said.

He accused President Museveni of renegading on his promise of giving trades the Nakivubo Park Yard Market land title.

“When the market was burnt in April, you asked Mr Museveni for the market’s land title, he said he would deal with the problem. However, I wonder what has taken him so long to sort you out,” he said.