Saturday May 31 2014

I lied to court about Sentongo - Bad Black

By Juliet Kigongo

Kampala- Former city socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has confessed she lied to the Anti-Corruption Court about her relationship with Meddie Sentongo.

Bad Black was yesterday testifying in the Commercial Court as the second witness in a case where her former lover, David Greenhalgh, is seeking to take over Sentongo’s properties worth about Shs40 billion.

Bad Black told the court that she gave Sentongo money when they were still lovers.
“I transferred $700,000 (about Shs1.7 billion) and I gave the balance to him in cash,” she said.

This was after Sentongo’s lawyer Isaac Walukaga asked her whether she had lied to court on oath when she said she had never dealt with Sentongo.

“I lied to court, both Sentongo and Greenhalgh were my lovers during the same period we were still hustling with the embezzlement case,” Bad Black told court.