Wednesday February 19 2014

IGG official under probe over fraud


Mr Steven Mulyagonja, an accountant in the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG), has been suspended over fraud-related charges.

Mr Mulyangonja is accused of creating ghost workers and drawing salaries from the government payroll. Apparently, the scheme was exposed after payroll reforms recently rolled out by Secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanizi, who directed that payroll issues be decentralised for easy tracking.

Mr Muhakanizi’s directive came after incessant complaints by civil servants of missing salaries and payment of ghost employees. IGG spokesperson Ali Munira said: “He was suspended to pave way for internal investigations.”

Sources say, Mr Mulyagonja, who has worked with the IGG for more than 10 years, had allegedly engaged in tinkering with the payments for a long time.
The Daily Monitor could not establish whether Mr Mulyagonja had any blood relationship with the IGG, Justice Irene Mulyagonja. “I think he is not a relative,” said Ms Munira. Other accounts suggested they were related. Justice Mulyagonja is relatively new in the office.

Justice Mulyagonja is said to be furious with Mr Mulyagonja over his alleged financial misappropriation. Apparently, preliminary findings show that out of the alleged fraud, the IGG could have lost up to Shs800m.

Our sources say Mr Mulyagonja’s alleged fraud was discovered after he reportedly posted money into staff accounts and later asked them to refund it in cash to him.
The money would reportedly be posted as salary advances. Unfortunately some of the staff who received money in their accounts had not requested for any salary advances.
Ms Munira was noncommittal on the nature of offence committed by Mr Mulyagonja. “There are no ghosts involved. It has to do with some financial payments internally,” she said.