IUIU expels five students over exam malpractice

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By Fred Wambede

Posted  Monday, February 25   2013 at  02:00

In Summary

The university administration says they were caught cheating in the examination room.


The disciplinary committee at Islamic University In Uganda Mbale campus has expelled five students undertaking different courses on allegations of malpractice in the last semester’s examinations.

The students reportedly entered the examination rooms with summarised notes, mobile phones having notes and expired examination cards with deliberate intention to cheat. The committee that sat in December found the students guilty and meted out punishments. Four others were warned, and given retakes in the papers they are suspected to have cheated.

A February 22 expulsion letter signed by the deputy registrar, Mr Hussein Lukyamuzi, reads: “The following students have been discontinued from their courses: Mr Raymond Omoding, second year mass communication, Ms Nuhu Kwaya, a third year student of information technology, Mr Qureish Kitakula and Mr Vincent Wasikula, both pursuing degree in public administration, and Mr Sekibo Madambo Bolla.”

However, Mr Omoding denies having cheated, saying he forgot the summaries in his pocket as he went for the exams.

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