Monday April 14 2014

If I want to seek a presidential vote, I will tell you- Mbabazi

By Online

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has said he has no presidential ambitions. The premier made the remarks while addressing journalists this morning at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kampala. However, he added that there is nothing morally or legally wrong with harbouring presidential ambitions. "Harbouring presidential ambitions is not criminal, I don't have them," he said.

Mr Mbabazi refuted claims that he was soliciting money to launch a presidential bid, stating that those claiming so should be asked the source of their information.

Responding to reports that he was in bad terms with President Museveni lately, the premier said he does not know of any difference between him and the president. “We are in agreement on everything,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ruling NRM party has reportedly spent Shs4.1 billion to facilitate MPs for the on-going constituency mobilsation campaign seeking to promote President Museveni as the party’s sole candidate for the 2016 presidential polls.

But Mr Mbabazi says he has not yet received the facilitation for Kanungu: "I have not received facilitation to popularise President Museveni as the sole NRM candidate. My district will come later,” he said.