Friday July 11 2014

Illegal loggers to be named

By Martin Ssebuyira

Mubende- Government has announced it will name persons involved in illegal timber trade in a bid to save Uganda’s forests from being wiped out.

The Ministry of Water and Environment said the culprits would be published on the ministry website and in all media outlets.

“The biggest problem in this sector is lack of transparency and coordination by the various stakeholders,” Mr Bob Kazungu, a senior forest officer in the ministry said during the Inter District Environment Forum at Mubunde District headquarters on Wednesday.

Mr Kazungu said money had been obtained to start reforms in the forest sector where annual national forums would be held to coordinate activities in forestry.

The forum was organised by the Joint Efforts to Save the Environment, a non-government organisation that advocates for combined efforts to save the environment.

Mubende District chairman, Mr Francis Bazigatilawo Kibuuka Amooti, said they were tired of the confusion in NFA that has seen a serious growth in deforestation, even amid a serious show of forest patrols.

According to National Environment Management Authority, Uganda will by 2050 have lost all its forest cover if measures are not instituted to check the current rate of deforestation across the country.