Wednesday June 25 2014

Imbalu rituals set for August

By David Kazungu


The Bamasaba Cultural Council has set this year’s Imbalu traditional circumcision ceremony to start on August 13, at Mutoto cultural grounds.

According to Mr Umar Njovu, the Bamasaba Cultural Council vice chairperson, the ceremony will be organised by Bulambuli District but with financial contributions from all districts that comprise Bugisu sub-region.

Mr Njovu also said the cultural council plans to invite President Museveni to officiate at the function as chief guest, who in turn will be asked to invite his East African counterparts to grace the occasion.

The chairperson of the organising committee, also vice chairperson Bulambuli District, Mr Charles Wepukhulu, disclosed that although Shs262 million has been budgeted to fund activities at the ceremony, only Shs162 million has been realised. He called upon stakeholders to contribute generously towards the ceremony to ensure that preparations are successful.

Imbalu circumcision rituals among the Bagisu aim at strengthening cultural continuity by enhancing the passing over of cultural responsibilities and ideologies from older generations to the young ones.

Mr Amos Wekesa, the CEO Great Lakes Safaris, recently said Bugisu traditional leaders can invest in Imbalu as a local tourist attraction to increase their local revenue to avoid being dependent on government for funding.