Thursday April 10 2014

Intolerant leaders are bad, says Museveni

By Richard Otim

President Museveni has said the political turmoil that gripped post-independent Uganda could have been avoided if the leaders were disciplined.

He said valuable time for development of the country was wasted because most politicians do not tolerate differences in political ideologies.

Speaking at the burial of former Transport minister Stanislaus Okurut at Olwa village in Kapir Sub-county in Ngora District yesterday, Mr Museveni hailed the deceased as a well groomed leader who never put his interests before those of the people he served.

“This country would not have gone through all these wars if the leaders were behaved. We have wasted a lot of time because of confused elements who never wanted to listen to others,” Mr Museveni said.

Okurut, who had also served in former president Milton Obote’s regime, first joined politics as a member of the Democratic Party but later, shortly after independence, led a group of other politicians who defected to join the ruling Uganda People’s Congress then.

When President Museveni took over power in 1986, the late Okurut was appointed a minister in the NRM government and was instrumental in the peace talks that ended the Teso insurgency.

Ngora District LC5, Mr Bernard Eumu, said Okurut, whose widow Mary Karooro Okurut is the Gender minister, was an icon of education in Teso and a model for many youths then.