Investigations into Parliament budget director case incomplete

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Posted  Tuesday, June 24   2014 at  01:00


The investigations into the alleged corruption case against the director of Parliament Budget Office, Mr Samuel Wanyaka, are still ongoing, the Anti Corruption Court heard yesterday.

Ms Sylvia Nabirye, the senior inspectorate officer in the office of the IGG, informed court that the investigations into Mr Wanyaka’s case were incomplete before asking court for more time to tie the loose ends. The matter had come up so that court gets an update from the IGG who is prosecuting the matter on how far the investigations have gone.

Accordingly, presiding Grade One Magistrate Dorothy Lwanga adjourned the matter to July 24 for mention.

This was the first time that Mr Wanyaka re-appeared in court after he was charged with corruption offenses ranging from embezzlement, abuse of office to false accounting two weeks ago. He is currently out on a cash bail of Shs6 million.

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