Friday April 19 2013

It’s illegal to frustrate investors - Museveni

By John Njoroge

President Museveni yesterday issued a warning to technocrats and the political class, who he said have been hostile towards the private sector, which he described as the engine towards achieving sustainable development and modernity.

“It is illegal to delay, mishandle, solicit bribes or frustrate any entrepreneur and their investments in Uganda whether local or foreign. It is betrayal of our development goals,” Mr Museveni warned while launching the Vision 2040.

He added that apart from verification of quality of goods and their need in the Ugandan market, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) “should never delay an investor or any project for even a week.”

Publicly instructing his Principal Private Secretary (PPS) to follow-up on all matters relating to entrepreneur frustration, Mr Museveni said: “When you frustrate the private sector, how do you expect to achieve growth and development?”

“Uganda is unstoppable towards modernisation. The private sector is the engine of Uganda’s economy. It must be protected, encouraged and listen too. The work of any politician and technocrat is to protect business persons.”

The Vision 2040 document was drafted by the National Planning Authority (NPA).
Mr Museveni also emphasised the importance of sufficient electricity supply, security and good infrastructure, which he said if achieved, would be a sure entry for Uganda to a modern status.
“You cannot have a modern country without electricity. We need 42,000 Megawatts to achieve this. If you are not talking about electricity you are not planning for the future or this country and its future generations,” Mr Museveni said.

“Uganda has extensively suffered due to lack of sufficient electricity. Some politicians, acting out of either ignorance or malice, did our economy real damage by frustrating the Bujagali project. When you bring a plan for the building of a dam and it is opposed by parliament, how can people be so blind,” Mr Museveni said.

Expressing his delight over NPA’s work in producing the Vision 2040 framework, Mr Museveni said: “Finally, one arm of government is fulfilling point IV of the NRM 10-point plan in transforming Uganda into a modern country. I am, therefore, most pleased with the National Planning Authority. These people are now talking.”