Monday May 12 2014

Joblessness can cause instability, EU envoy warns


The Head of European Union (EU) Delegation to Uganda, Kristian Schmidt, has warned that high youth unemployment if not addressed effectively, is a fertile ground for instability.
Ambassador Schmidt was last week speaking at celebrations to mark 64 years of European integration.

He said: “Unemployed youth without a future are a fertile recruiting ground for radical ideas. There is instability not far away from where we stand.”

Labour force
A survey released early this year by Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos) observed that youth between 18 and 30 years make 20 per cent of Uganda’s labour force.

Youth unemployment, according to the survey, stands at 18 per cent, a figure that contrasts that of the African Development Bank (AfDB), which puts it at more than 78 per cent.

Available data from the Ministry of Labour and Social Development indicate that about 400,000 youth are annually released into the job market to compete for about 9,000 .