Thursday April 10 2014

Journalists protest raid on media houses


Kampala- Media activists have asked the police and security agencies to desist from interfering with media work, warning that an environment where free flow of information is restricted is unprogressive.

Under their umbrella body, Human Rights Network for journalists Uganda (HRNJ-U), the activists demanded that public issues should be uninhibited and robust because the media plays a fundamental role in preserving a free society through dissemination of information that contributes to good governance.

“We are deeply concerned about the heightened narrowing space for the media in Uganda. For the last three months, we have witnessed numerous arbitrary raids, threats and orders to media houses by Police and other security agencies,” Mr Robert Ssempala, the HRNJ-U National Coordinator said while addressing journalists in Kampala yesterday.

He further alleged that police ordered two other radio stations; Hope Radio and Kabale Freedom Radio not to host electoral reform advocates recently.