Tuesday February 4 2014

Judge Yasiin Nyanzi to stay on Lukwago case

Judge Yasiin Nyanzi

Judge Yasiin Nyanzi attending the 16th annual judges conference imperial resort beach hotel in Entebbe last week. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA  


Judge Yasiin Nyanzi has refused to disqualify himself from hearing embattled Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago’s case. He explains that the Attorney General made wild allegations that he would be biased but did not provide evidence to that effect.

The judge lashed out at the Attorney General’s conduct which he said is embarrassing as the head of the Bar and that he is groping in darkness.

The Attorney General's representative Martin Mwambutsya had raised an objection and accused Judge Nyanzi of bias.

Mwambutsya argued that Justice Nyanzi was part of the 26th November, 2013 injunction uproar as the sitting judge. Mwambutsya said that his client had been aware that hearing of Lukwago's injunction to stay his impeachment at 10:00am.

But Nyanzi permitted hearing of the injunction to proceed between 8:30-0:00amthrough Fred Waninda, the Assistant High Court registrar.