Sunday May 25 2014

Judiciary warns corrupt staff

Justice Remmy Kasule unveils a foundation stone

Justice Remmy Kasule unveils a foundation stone as a sign of ground-breaking for the construction of Kiruhura court building last week. PHOTO BY ANTHONY WESAKA 


Court of Appeal judge Remmy Kasule has warned judicial officials involved in corruption that they risk being dismissed from the Judiciary once found culpable.

Justice Kasule passed the warning last week when he led a delegation of Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) officials for the ground-breaking ceremony for a building that will house a court, DPP’s office and a police station in Kiruhura District.

“If your personality is that you can’t be corrupt-free, please leave the Judiciary,” Justice Kasule, who represented acting Chief Justice Steven Kavuma, said.

Justice Kasule also urged Kiruhura residents to fight corruption.
Principal Judge Yorokamu Bamwine, who also graced the ceremony, said it was good to be number one or two in class but when it comes to corruption rankings, it is sad news and that it should be fought.

Mr Bamwine cautioned residents to desist from giving money to conmen who masquerade as court officials promising to help litigants by connecting them to the judges, state prosecutors, among others to solve their cases quickly.

The Inspectororate of Government in its corruption ratings, ranks the police and the Judiciary as the most corrupt government institutions in the country.

In her appreciation remarks, the area Grade One Magistrate, Ms Edith Mbabazi, lauded JLOS for bringing three justice institutions in one place, a move she said will check crime in the area.

“This occasion is very important because it has a big implication to the vision and organisational goals. The implication is that crime will be checked, peoples’ property and rights will be secure. Consequently, the economy of this place will improve,” Ms Mbabazi said.

Other JLOS dignitaries included Internal Affairs minister Aronda Nyakairima, Deputy Attorney General Fred Ruhindi and junior Local Government minister Alex Onzima.