Monday May 15 2017

How KCCA plans to spend its shs35b health budget

Minister in charge of Kampala, Beti Kamya

Minister in charge of Kampala, Beti Kamya 

By Isaac Imaka

KAMPALA: The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has allocated Shs35 billion to improving public health in the city in the coming financial year 2017/18.
About Shs16.60 billion of the money will directly come from government of Uganda tax revenues and shs19.25 billion will be from nontax revenues.
In the ending financial year, the public health sector was allocated a total of shs21.52 billion of which shs5.82 billion was from government revenues and Shs15.71 billion from NTR. However, by the close of the second quarter, a total of Shs10.89 billion (51%) had been released, of which Shs9.15 billion was spent.

The Authority notes that in the coming financial year it will, in line with its long term strategy of creating an equitable and high quality health service in the city, prioritise activities that will contribute to the achievement of improved quality of life and environment for sustainable urban development.
The city plans to, among others, spend the money on salaries for Kawempe and Kirudu hospitals (Shs9.5 billion), another Shs4.8 billion will be spent on processing salaries of health workers for lower level facilities in the city.
Another Shs7.44 billion will be spent on wages for casual workers and road cleaners.

Shs804 million will be used to process conditional transfers to NGO hospitals and Shs1.16 billion earmarked for procurement of general medicines for health centres and medical equipment's. The Authority’s policy statement notes that this will be in addition to the drugs and medicines, worth shs516 million, directly transferred from National Medical stores by the Ministry of Health.
Personal protective gear and equipment for casual workers has been allocated Shs646 million and Shs215 million has been earmarked for maintenance of public toilets in the city and mortuary management.
To address the waste problem in the city, Shs6.2 billion has been earmarked for solid waste management including maintenance of Kiteezi landfill and fuel for garbage trucks and Shs1.94 billion has been earmarked for maintenance of existing health facilities like electricity, cleaning and medical waste management, and uniforms for health workers.

No allocation of funds has been made for the new hospitals of Kiruddu and Kawempe expected to be opened in July 2017 but shs347 million has been allocated for immunizations campaigns and inspecting premises surveillance.
Shs1.77 billion will be spent on imprest for all health centres including lunch for health workers.
Like most of the ministries and other government departments, the city Authority decries the continued underfunding and argues that it is impeding service delivery. They therefore want their budget to be ring-fenced.

“Whereas KCCA has over the past six years made big strides towards City transformation, and whereas we note with appreciation the incremental funding Government has provided; Kampala is still grappling with a number of challenges that totally outstrip the overall resource envelop which in turn constrains the short and medium term service delivery requirements of the City. We wish to reiterate our request that since Kampala contributes over 60% of the National GDP, and given the strategic importance of Kampala as the Capital City of the Country, KCCA Budget should be ring fenced and consideration should be made to increase financing to KCCA for it to be able to transform Kampala into a modern, attractive, vibrant and sustainable City,” the minister in charge of the city, Beti Olive Kamya notes in the policy statement.