Thursday July 17 2014

KCCA to introduce tougher city fines

 Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago (L) and

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago (L) and other officials address journalists at his chambers in Kamwokya yesterday. Photo by Faiswal Kasirye 

By Farahani Mukisa

Kampala- Kampala Capital City Authority has proposed a raft of new fines in its 2014/15 financial budget that are aimed at increasing revenue collection and deterring unnecessary conducts in Kampala.

According to the proposed KCCA budget draft availed to the media by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago at a press conference yesterday, the city authorities have also proposed some amendments to the revenue supporting laws and by-laws that are expected to take effect from July 1.

Once the new fines are introduced, motorist hooting unnecessarily on the streets of Kampala will be fined an amount not exceeding Shs30,000 and those who cause damage to any KCCA property in the parking area will be charged Shs200,000.

Under the proposed tax increments, KCCA wants property rates to be increased from the current six to 10 per cent, saying since 2004, the rates have never been revised and that if effected, a projection of Shs7.04 billion will be realised.

Market dues to increase
The budget draft further indicates that market dues will also be increased by 200 per cent to reflect the current economic circumstances.

For instance, KCCA proposes to charge a Shs600 fee on every sold bunch of matooke up from Shs200, a kilogramme of rice will increase from Shs700 to Shs2,100 and those buying chicken from the market will pay an extra Shs600 from Shs300 to Shs900.

However, Mr Lukwago has asked the technical leaders to harmonise the proposed fines and taxes to suit the common man’s living standards to avoid defaulters.

The proposed fines

Type of fine Fine in shillings

Operating without valid KCCA user sticker 50% of sticker fee
Failure to show or provide a valid KCCA road user sticker on request Shs200, 000
Being idle and disorderly in the parking area Shs30, 000
Smoking and spitting in the parking area Shs100, 000
Unlawful advertisement in parking area Shs100, 000
Parking in none gazetted areas Shs100, 000
Touting for passengers Shs30, 000
Hooting unnecessarily Shs30, 000
Unlawful assembling in the parks Shs500, 000
Fighting in the parking area Shs50, 000
Causing damage to KCCA’s property in the parking area Shs200, 000
Loading passengers in none gazzatted parks/stages Shs100, 000