Kabaka appeals to Lukiiko to implement resolutions

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 Kabaka Ronald Mutebi waves to his subjects

Kabaka Ronald Mutebi waves to his subjects during the official opening of the 22nd Buganda Lukiiko at Bulange Mengo yesterday. PHOTO BY JOSEPH KIGGUNDU 


Posted  Tuesday, August 19   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

The Kabaka says good ideas will not be effective if they stay on paper.

Kampala- Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has challenged members of the Buganda Lukiiko (parliament) to ensure that all the issues and programmes discussed and passed during their sittings are implemented to benefit his subjects.

Speaking at the annual opening of the 22nd Lukiiko session at Bulange-Mengo yesterday, the Kabaka said it was pointless to discuss good ideas and simply leave them on paper.

“It is not good practice to give good ideas that can help build Buganda and Uganda as a whole and simply leave them on paper. So, I hope all the programmes in the pipeline will benefit all our people,” he said.

He said the Lukiiko has a big task ahead of helping subjects benefit from agriculture, among other activities that can uplift their household incomes.

The Kabaka also reiterated his call for unity among his subjects, saying disunity stifles development.

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga commended the Kabaka for guiding his subjects, saying it had kept them united.

“With the guidance we normally get from you, Sabasajja, I am confident that I together with this strong team, we shall steer Buganda back to the top,” Mr Mayiga said.

Before the Kabaka delivered his speech, the 16 county chiefs out of the 18 he recently appointed, officially expressed their readiness to serve and thanked him for putting them in such positions.

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