Kabaka kicks off 21st coronation celebrations with a morning trot

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Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi flanked by his Body guards during his morning jog in Sembabule district as part of the activities to commemorate his 21st coronation. PHOTO JOSEPH KIGGUNDU 


Posted  Thursday, July 31   2014 at  12:11

In what has become his trademark when he is on upcountry visits, the Kabaka of Buganda kicked off today’s 21st coronation celebrations with a morning trot on the environs of Mawogola County (Ssaza) headquarters.

Kabaka Mutebi who was surrounded by his body guards trotted for over a kilometer before returning to his palace at Mawogola County (Ssaza) headquarters.

He started his trot at around 7:30 am surprising many of his subjects who were caught unaware of his moves.

Photo by Joseph Kigundu

The Kabaka who has not addressed his subjects since arriving in the area yesterday is expected to deliver a speech today.

The main celebration event officially started at 10:00 am this morning with the enthronement of Mawogola County Chief as one of the major event.

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