Kabaka must seek our permission before visit - Banyala

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Kabaka Ronald Mutebi. FILE PHOTO 

By Fred Muzaale

Posted  Monday, December 30  2013 at  02:00


Banyala leaders have asked the Mengo government to formerly write to them indicating that the Kabaka of Buganda would wish to visit Bugerere County in Kayunga District.
The Ssabanyala, Maj Baker Kimeze, said his government has not been informed of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s intended visit and that his kingdom upholds the suspension made in 2009 by the government.
“We are waiting for a letter from Mengo to my Katikkiro informing us about the visit so we can see what to do,” the Ssabanyala said.

The comments come at a time when residents in Kayunga District are preparing for the visit by the Kabaka that is scheduled to take place between January 14 and 20.
In 2009, Mengo rejected demands by the Banyala leaders to first ask for permission from the Ssabanyala before they could allow the Kabaka to visit Kayunga.
Buganda premier Peter Mayiga on Christmas Day announced that the Kabaka will in January visit Bugerere, four years after he was blocked by the government from visiting the area to preside over the kingdom’s annual Youth Day celebrations.