Kabaka won’t seek permission to visit Bugerere - Mengo minister

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Posted  Wednesday, January 1  2014 at  02:00


Buganda Kingdom yesterday said the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II will go ahead and visit Bugerere County as planned despite resistance from ethnic Banyala.

Mengo Information minister Denis Walusimbi, said Bugerere is constitutionally part of Buganda, which directly places it under Kabaka’s control. “This time we are not going to bow to pressure from individuals who have their selfish interests. As a kingdom, we enjoy a good relationship with the natives of Bugerere County and they are eagerly waiting to host their Kabaka,” he said by telephone yesterday.

The reaction by Mengo comes on the heels of reports that the Banyala headed by their leader Ssabanyala Baker Kimeze want the Mengo government to formerly write to them if the Kabaka wishes to visit the area. Preparations in Kayunga are in high gear ahead of Kabaka’s visit scheduled to take place between January 14 and 20.

Mr Walusimbi urged the Banyala leaders to respect the Constitution that guarantees every citizen the right to free movement in any part of the country. “Additionally, the recently signed memorandum of understanding between the President and the Kabaka puts to rest all those forces that were opposing Kabaka’s visit in any part of the kingdom,” he added

Asked whether the kingdom will be willing to dialogue with the Banyala leadership, Mr Walusimbi said Mengo will dialogue on other issues but not the Kabaka’s visit.“ We hear he (Kimeze) runs businesses here. Does he normally seek permission to visit Kampala?” the minister asked.

“Buganda is a culturally diverse society and no one has ever been deprived of his/her cultural rights. They (Banyala ) have a constitutional right under Article 37 to practice, enjoy and promote their culture but not to cause unnecessary tension,” he added.