Kalangala health centres lack drugs

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By Issa Aliga

Posted  Friday, December 27  2013 at  02:00


Authorities in Kalangala District have expressed concern over the shortage of drugs in the government heath units.

Speaking to the Daily monitor on Monday, the Kalangala District health inspector, Mr Edward Bujimbi, said many patients fail to get drugs prescribed to them. He said the most affected are those suffering from Aids, malaria and skin infections.
Mr Bujimbi said little has been done to improve services in the government health units, yet Kalangala is a hard-to-reach district with about 84 islands.

The District chairman, Mr Willy Lugolobi, said Kalangala District has only seven health centres scattered in the 84 islands which are also poorly stocked with drugs. He added that transporting patients to a health centre for treatment is also another challenge.
Mr Bujimbi also noted that the district has been receiving only Shs5 million as primary healthcare funds on a quarterly basis, which he said is insufficient for the implementation of the recommended health programmes.

He also said they are being affected by the shortage of health workers. The district has only 52 per cent of the recommended number of health workers, according to Mr Bujimbi.