Kampala named best capital city in East Africa

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By Daily Nation

Posted  Wednesday, February 24   2016 at  11:49

Kampala is the best East African capital city to live in, according to the latest Quality of Life Survey in the world’s 230 top cities conducted by Mercer.
Kampala is named in 169th place, ahead of Nairobi (184), Kigali (191) and Dar es Salaam (198).
Only two African cities, Cape Town (92) and Johannesburg (95) make it into the top 100 cities, which are dominated by Europe, North America and East Asia.

Mercer names Vienna as the world’s best city to live in and Baghdad the worst.
Its study examines social and economic conditions, terrorism threats, health, education, housing and the environment in making its judgment.
The study is used by big companies to assess where they should locate and how much they should pay staff.

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