Monday August 11 2014

Kansanga building collapses, two injured

collapsed Building

The Mercedes Benz that belongs to Mr. Kiyegga a neighbor was smashed by the collapsed Building. PHOTO BY JOSEPH KIGGUNDU 

By Joseph Kiggundu

A Building next to Olympia Hotel in Kansanga collapsed on Monday morning leaving two people seriously injured. One of the victims identified as Ms Esther Nakakande was rushed at Nsambya General Clinic.

The Chief Executive Officer R- International Limited, Mr. Kiyaga Lwanga, a neighbor to the collapsed six storied building told the journalists that he reported to KCCA, police and the area LC about the poor state of the building owned by a one Hajjat Jamila Nizza but in vain.

“I reported the matter to police, KCCA headquarters and the area LC1 chairperson but they gave me a deaf ear until. They could only come, tour the place but do nothing about it, until I reported the matter to KCCA’s Makindye Divisional offices. Consequently, she was served with a notice to stop the construction because the building’s plan had not been approved by KCCA which means it was illegal structure,” said Mr Kiyaga.

Residents of Church Zone Kansanga look at the

Residents of Church Zone Kansanga look at the six storage collapsed building. PHOTO BY JOSEPH KIGGUNDU

Mr. Kiyaga also asked KCCA and Ms Nizza to compensate him after his family was reportedly injured in the accident and some of his property destroyed. According to Mr Kiyaga, his wife Betty Kiyaga, two children and the maid Ms Nakakande sustained injuries after the collapse of the building.

Some of the Residents of Church Zone Kansanga attributed the accident to poor construction, alleging that the Building had no professional engineers.

The Acting Deputy Director of Fire and Rescue service Hassan Kihanda confirmed the incident.

“It is true, one person was rushed to hospital after she sustained serious injuries but as police we can’t go without searching for any bodies in this building. We have also tried contacting Ms Nizza on the known telephone number but in vain,” Mr Kihanda said.