Monday February 10 2014

Katatumba reclaims city commercial building from Shumuk

The contested building that has been

The contested building that has been reclaimed by Mr Katatumba. Photo by M. Kakumirizi 


KAMPALA- After legal battles that have lasted over 5 years, businessman and Honorary Consulate of Pakistan to Uganda Mr Bonny Katatumba has repossessed Katatumba Suites from Asian business man  Mr Mukesh Shukla aka Shumuk.

The property located on Plot 2 Colville Street in Kampala opposite Communications House was taken over by Shumuk in August 2008 after a business deal and had renamed it Shumuk House.

A jubilant Katatumba who was at the scene to oversee the eviction by Push Recovery Trust Associates and Court Bailiffs thanked the Justice system for returning his property and said that he had already met with his tenants.

He said: “I have visited all the tenants and I have proposed a 10% discount on their rent.” He added “I was born a rich man and God says when you receive, you give back to others.”

The tenants declined to comment saying that they would deal with the right owner of the property.

Singer Angella Katatumba also praised the Judiciary and the government and said the court process had been a nightmare to her family.

 “We have stood as a family and this court process has been both beneficial and horrible but I am so happy with the Justice system in Uganda,” she said.

 On the February 3, 2014, the Commercial Division of the High Court ordered the eviction of Shumuk under his companies Shumuk Springs Development Ltd and Springs International Hotel Ltd from the property.

Not over yet

Efforts to contact Mr Mukesh were futile but the Daily Monitor learnt that he has sought an injunction against his eviction from the Commercial Court.

Mr Katatumba said he is also going to the same court to be granted Shs20 billion as legal fees and revenue lost during the time Shumuk occupied the property.

Daily Monitor has learnt that Shumuk has been collecting over US$200,000(Shs480 million) from the property every month.

Mr Katatumba and Mr Mukesh have been wrangling over three prime city properties, each claiming to be the rightful owner.

The properties are Hotel Diplomat in Muyenga, Katatumba Suites which until the eviction was Shumuk Building and Katatumba Resort Island Banda in Kalangala District.

Knight Frank who previously managed the building before Shumuk took over have been handed back the responsibility to manage the property.