Friday May 26 2017

Kaweesi suspects reveal torture, death at Nalufenya



The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) has received a report which indicates that one of the suspects in the Felix Kaweesi murder were suffocated to death while 13 others were subjected to torture of varying severity in attempts to extract confessions from them.

The report was compiled by human rights lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi and forwarded to UHRC for further action and it was received on May 10.

He interviewed the 13 suspects in Luzira Prison on May 9 after they had been remanded on March 21.

The report carries the suspects’ testimonies of the torture underwent during detention between March 17 and April.

The suspects say their tormentors wanted them to confess that they participated in killing Kaweesi and accept possession of guns which were used in the murder on March 17 in Kulambiro, Nakawa Division.

Hassan Tumusiime, 47
Tumusiime says upon arrest at his home in Matugga on April 4, he was handcuffed and severely beaten by police. His house was searched and a land agreement, three phones and Shs750,000 were taken by police. During detention at Naguru and Nalufenya police stations, Tumusiime says he was repeatedly beaten and blindfolded. He narrates that he was put in a room and suspended as a man in a kanzu persuaded him to confess. Later he was taken to another room and asked to confess to killing Kaweesi. His head was dipped in a drum of water and a polythene bag was wrapped over his head. He alleges that he witnessed his neighbour also being wrapped with a polythene bag and suffocated to death.

Towards Easter holiday, an officer in the top hierarchy of the police (names withheld for now) came to the cells and asked him to confess. The officer later ordered that Tumusiime be taken for treatment. He was taken to May Clinic in Wandegeya. Some days later the same senior officer sent a one Muhangi to the cells to convince Tumusiime to confess. When these methods did not yield the confession, Tumusiime was taken to court on April 21, charged and remanded back to Nalufenya where he was subjected to further torture .

Ibrahim Kissa alias colonel Ibra, 37
Kissa was taken to Naguru police headquarters where he beaten and became unconscious. He was blindfolded and taken to Nalufenya. Kissa was beaten every night alongside other suspects; sustained severe injuries on the joints and knees and tortured together with Kamwenge mayor Godfrey Byamukama.

Abdul Rashid Mbaziira
Arrested together with his two wives, blindfolded and taken to Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) in Mbuya; his body suspended. Flogged for 30 days.

Aramanzani Higenyi, 32
Higenyi was arrested in Busia Town, blindfolded and taken to CMI, tortured and his left bone broken. Later dumped at Nalufenya; He says when the Uganda Human Rights Commission team visited Nalufenya, all prisoners who had wounds were evacuated to Gadhafi Army Barracks.

Yusuf Mugerwa
Arrested in Kasangati, Wakiso District, Mugerwa was handcuffed and beaten so hard that blood started oozing from his left ear. Hit with a gun butt on his head and blood gushed. His phones, passport, ATM card of Equity Bank and two motorcycles taken. Red pepper powder poured into his mouth and nose.

Ahamed Senfuka, 35
From Mukono, Senfuka was taken to CMI Mbuya. Red pepper poured into his mouth, nose and eyes and chained and immersed in water and asked to admit killing Kaweesi. Beaten every day and burnt with a flat iron on his chest; subjected to anal electric shocks, strangulated (suffocated) in the neck. Now has difficulty in swallowing.

Umar Baganda, 40
From Ntinda. Put in cold room at Mbuya and asked about a gun that killed Kaweesi. When he denied, he was beaten unconscious. Has a broken leg now. Red pepper poured into his mouth, nose and eyes; chained and burnt with a flat iron on his chest; subjected to electric shock in the anus, strangulated (suffocated) in the neck and later transferred to Nalufenya. Personal belongings taken.

Osman Mohamed Omarite
Arrested at his butcher in Busia. His Kshs20, 500, Shs300,000, phone and company ID were taken. At Nalufenya, he was blindfolded and asked to choose death or life by admitting killing Kaweesi. He was promised money and a job in police but he refused to yield. His head was dipped in water and legs chained for two weeks.

Hamid Magambo, 43
Arrested fom work in Busia. Handcuffed and taken to Nalufenya, accused of stealing a lorry and later murdering Mr Kaweesi. He was asked to stand upside down. When he failed, he was hit with a machete in the chest and knees and elbows and asked to confess to murder of Kaweesi. Forced to drink urine and beaten repeatedly for nine days.

Abdu Majidu, 43
Picked from Busia, handcuffed for two days at Busia Police Station. Taken back to Busia but later transferred to Nalufenya.

Joshua Kyambadde, 23
From Ntinda. His Shs2m and phone taken. Arrested with his seven-month pregnant wife, electro-shocked at a non-disclosed location in Wakiso, became unconscious and was admitted. Blindfolded, tied onto a seat and a machine. Injected with unknown substance and a metal placed on him, electro-shocked before being taken to Nalufenya.
Currently he is traumatised, has painful ribs and occasionally faints.

Sheikh Musa Ntende
Taken to Iganga Police Station and later to Nalufenya for a month.
In his testimony to lawyer Rwakafuuzi which is contained in the report, Ntende names one Ali Erias as a key torturer at CMI Mbuya who has led torture of many more suspects brought from various parts of the country.