Kayihura faces MPs today over brutality

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Posted  Tuesday, December 3  2013 at  02:00

PARLIAMENT- Police chief Kale Kayihura is expected in the Human Rights Committee of Parliament today over the increased cases of police brutality, potentially dragging the Force deeper into the Kampala Capital City Authority politics.

The Daily Monitor understands that Internal Affairs minister Aronda Nyakairima will also appear before the committee over accusations of running a “brutal force”.
The two officials will also be asked to explain the presence of Kiboko Squad, a stick-wielding local militia that was seen beating up civilians on Monday last week.

The committee seeks to get assurances from the two officials that brutal arrests will not continue and that the perpetrators will face the law, committee chairperson Jovah Kamateeka said yesterday.

While Gen Aronda was not available for comment, the committee leadership told the Daily Monitor that the two had written to the MPs confirming their presence. Gen Kayihura yesterday confirmed to this newspaper that he would face the MPs.

A number of people, including MPs, faced the wrath of the police in the aftermath of Monday’s dramatic events at City Hall. At a press conference held at Parliament last week, a group of committee members from across the political spectrum demanded that both the minister and police chief apologise to Ugandans for the misconduct of security agencies.

It’s not yet clear whether the two principals will heed to the request and ask for forgiveness in the face of a flaring gulf between authorities in the government and opposition leaders. The MPs have accused the police of being “partisan”, favouring the ruling party to the detriment of civilians who have suffered at the hands of a “vicious force”.

Gen Kayihura, who made a brief appearance before the Public Accounts Committee last month, admitted that in quelling Kasokoso protests, mistakes could have been made by individual officers and defended the Force from blanket condemnation.