Saturday April 26 2014

Keep off our affairs, chiefs tell Achana

Kobebe water dam which is drying up in Moroto

Kobebe water dam which is drying up in Moroto District. The dam feeds more than six million animals daily . PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG  

By Sam Lawino & James Owich

The two chiefs of Lamogi, the third largest clan in Acholi, have threatened to break away if the Acholi Cultural Chief David Onen Achana II doesn’t stop meddling in their clan affairs.
The accusations follow the reinstatement of the Rwot Otinga Yai Otuka in February this year.
Rwot Otuka had been on suspension since 2010 on allegations of corruption, illegal sale of land and violation of norms of the Lamogi clan.

Upon Otuka’s suspension, Rwot Paul Olango was enthroned as the chief of the Lamogi clan.
While addressing the press at Northern Uganda Media Resource Centre in Gulu Town on Tuesday, Rwot Olango warned Chief Achana to stop interfering in the Lamogi royal clan affairs.
Rwot Olango said Otuka is no longer the Lamogi clan chief and cannot carry out any activity on its behalf.

“He has never been enthroned, whatever he is doing is outside the Lamogi clan,” Olango said.
He added that Chief Achana should resolve the conflict in two weeks or they will break away.
Olango said the Lamogi Clan Council of Elders and the subjects have powers to decide who their cultural leader should be.

Rwot Olango called on religious leaders in Acholi to intervene before it’s too late.
Rwot Otuka has, however, accused Rwot Olango of “stealing” the throne.
“Olango is not known by Lamogi people, he installed himself on a veranda at a trading centre. Even the regalia including fingers of my late father are with me,” Rwot Otuka said.
Olango, however, dismissed the accusations saying they are only being used to tarnish his name among his subjects.

One of the locals , Mr Alex Okinya, a resident of Lamogi Sub-county in Amuru District, said the suspension did not reform Rwot Otuka.
“We doubt his behaviour has changed,” he said.

previous move
Early this year, the Lamogi clan elders, threatened to break away from the main institution after the Paramount Chief was implicated in abuse of Shs200 million for the peace building dialogue.