Wednesday June 18 2014

Kenya terror attacks worry Uganda Police



The now increasing attacks on Kenyan police stations by Al shabaab terrorists have raised concern among Uganda security agencies, prompting increase of guards around police stations.

For two consecutive days, Al shabaab terrorists have attacked villages at the coastal towns of Poromoko and Mpeketoni in Kenya killing more than 60 people. Reports have also indicated that at least 12 women were abducted during the latest attack on Kenya's coast.

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta said yesterday that the police got intelligence about the attacks but the officers were never proactive.
Uganda Police Force spokesman, Mr Fred Enanga, said attacks on the Kenya police could spread to Uganda thus calling for need for strict measures like increase in intelligence gathering and protection of police facilities.

“Anything that happens in Kenya directly affects us. A joint task force comprising of all security organisations meets every day to assess the situation in Kenya and any details that may affect Uganda,” Mr Enanga said on Tuesday.

The US and UK embassies have already issued terror warnings in their East African missions during the Fifa World Cup finals.
Mr Enanga said their fears are that the Al shabaab may work with local terrorist cells like Allied Democratic Forces and God Resistance Army to carry out similar attacks.

“The area we cover is so big and requires a lot of manpower and resources but we are working with the public to help us trace suspected terrorists,” he said.

Police’s main target has been rest places which are often used by the terrorists before attacks. Lodges and hotel managers are reportedly under instruction to update police of the guests they get.
President Uhuru Kenyatta blamed the attacks on laxity by security agencies in intelligence gathering.

“It is now clear that intelligence on this attack was availed to the security officers in Mpeketoni. Unfortunately, the officers did not act accordingly. This negligence and abdication of duty and responsibility is unacceptable. Accordingly, all concerned officers have been suspended and will be charged immediately in a court of law. Any other officers that will be found to have failed will face a similar fate. Kenyans expect no less,” President Uhuru said yesterday.

In 2010, during the World Cup finals, the same group carried out attacks in Uganda at Kyadondo Rugby Club and Ethiopian Village Restaurant, killing over 78 people and leaving dozens injured.