Tuesday January 21 2014

Kenyan senators slam Museveni on South Sudan



President Museveni has no moral authority to intervene in the South Sudan conflict, Kenyan senators have said.

The senators asked President Museveni to withdraw the UPDF from South Sudan. “Museveni has no moral authority to intervene in any form of conflict as he is also a cause for conflict over ownership of the Migingo Island between his country and Kenya,” said Siaya Senator James Orengo.

Speaking at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground in Kisumu on Sunday, Mombasa Senator Mr Omar Hassan and his counterpart Mr Orengo also asked Uganda to withdraw from the Migingo Island “first before he meddles into other countries’ political affairs.”

Migingo Island has been at the centre of the storm between Uganda and Kenya for nearly four years now.

Uganda government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo said Museveni rules Uganda basing on the wishes of the people and not foreigners. “The President of Uganda does not lead according to how Kenyans want but he leads according to how Ugandans want and therefore, that statement is outrageous” Mr Opondo said.

EAC calls for dialogue in South Sudan
Meanwhile, the East African Community Parliament has called for a ceasefire between the warring parties. “As Eala, we join in the call for immediate cessation of hostilities in South Sudan and for the parties to sit on the table and deliberate on the restoration of peace. Peace is a cornerstone for development in any nation,” said the Speaker Margaret Zziwa.

“We must assist these countries to ensure they come out of trouble. We therefore salute Uganda and Kenya for their concerted effort in ensuring security in South Sudan,” she added.
President Museveni is today scheduled to preside over the official opening of the East African Legislative Assembly’s (Eala) fourth meeting in Kampala.

EAC MPs are currently considering applications of war-troubled states of South Sudan and Somalia to join the regional body. The two countries expressed interest to join the EAC in 2011 for the case of South Sudan and 2014 for Somalia. The admission of South Sudan was put to a halt until partner states fully conform to EAC’s desired needs.