Thursday March 20 2014

Kisekka market traders divided on relocation plan



A section of traders in Kisekka Market have threatened to put up strong resistance against the market redevelopment project if their leaders fail to find a sizeable place for relocation.

According to the redevelopment plan, traders will be relocated to Namayiba Bus Terminal, which currently serves as a temporary taxi park. Namayiba park has been fitted with more than 50 containers, which will be occupied by some traders as a temporary working place since the project is expected to kick off next month.

Traders fail to register
Mr Mubarak Kalungi, the publicity secretary Kisekka Market Vendors Limited, said yesterday they need more than 200 containers if they are to accommodate at least half of the population of traders in the market.

“Some will have to fend for themselves. Management asked all vendors to register with us for easy planning and identification, but majority didn’t,” he said.
“Currently, the market hosts at least 10,500 traders, but in our records we have 2,500 registered traders as partners in the development of the market. That is the number we know and they are the ones we shall plan for,” Mr Kalungi added.

But the section of traders opposed to the relocation say they want management to either construct the market in phases or find sufficient land that can accommodate all of them.

“Namayiba is currently occupied by commuter taxis. How shall we operate in such a small place with those cooking food, washing cars and dealers in automotive spare parts?” Hajj Assad Bukenya, the director of Assad Investments, asked.