Kyambogo officials cited in dubious transactions

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Posted  Wednesday, February 19   2014 at  08:00

Top officials in Kyambogo University have been withdrawing funds from some faculty accounts without authorisation of deans who serve as mandatory signatories, an ongoing forensic audit into alleged financial mismanagement of resources at the institution has revealed.

A source in the Auditor General’s office, privy to the investigations told the Daily Monitor yesterday that the irregularity has been ongoing for two years. The source said part of the Shs20b which the university is expected to have lost in the same period could have vanished through such questionable transactions.

“Looking at the information and documents we have so far gathered, money has been swindled with full knowledge and authorisation of some top university officials who could have offered guidance to the juniors,” a source said.

In one of the correspondences this reporter has seen, Dr Micheal Kyakula, the dean of Faculty of Engineering, admitted that several cheques have been paid out of the faculty account without his knowledge.

“The purpose of this letter is to request that if it is convenient for you to pay from the Faculty of Engineering Account as and for whatever purpose, please issue a counter instruction to remove me as the mandatory signatory,” Dr Kyakula’s protest letter to the university secretary, Mr Sam Akorimo, reads in part.

“Otherwise the centre should return the money that was erroneously paid from the Faculty of Engineering account and the bank should enforce mandatory signature instruction,” adds the December 18, 2013, letter also copied to Stanbic Bank manager, Kyambogo branch .

However, the source declined to state how much money could have illegally been withdrawn. In another correspondence dated January 20, the university bursar, Mr Ham Mungyereza, wrote to the bank manager, warning that payment without authority of deans was “illegal and should not be repeated”.

The findings come at a time when some university students meant to graduate this week have been asked to pay extra money to get on the graduation list yet they claim to have cleared all the dues.

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