Tuesday June 24 2014

LC 5 boss warns against undermining King Oyo

By Ruth Katusabe

The Kabarole District chairperson, Mr Richard Rwabuhinga, has warned people against undermining and using abusive statements against Tooro King Oyo and urged them to stop the vice with immediate effect.
Mr Rwabuhinga,a former education minister in Tooro Kingdom, said such utterances are a sign of disrespect to King Oyo and his subjects. This comes after President Yoweri Museveni reportedly made a response to King Oyo’s threat to go on hunger strike, saying the youthful cultural leader should fast to reduce his weight and keep fit.

The statement sparked off a fury in the kingdom, with the Tooro loyalists accusing the president of disrespect of their king and sking him to aretract the statement and apologise.

However, Government spokesperson, Mr Ofwono Opondo insists there is no reason for the president to apologise since he made the statement deliberately.

Last week, the Tooro Premier, Mr Stephen Kaliba also accused Mr Ofwono, his counterpart, the presidential spokesperson Mr Tamale Mirundi and other self seeking politicians of misinforming Mr Museveni on the Tooro issues.