Thursday August 28 2014

LIVE UPDATES: Social media feedback on census so far


By Monitor team and KFM

The long awaited census finally kicked off today morning all around Uganda. At 8:00 a.m, the enumerators had kicked off heading to their respective attached areas.

The Executive Director of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics Ben Mungyereza says the first batch of the population has already been counted.

This includes street children, those in institutions like prisons and hospitals, the homeless and those in transit. Daily Monitor is all around Uganda and will be updating you on the exercise.

In Moyo:
Many people didn't go to work, thinking the exercise only takes a day. The RDC John Abingwa says the exercise started at 8 a.m.

He however says it might take longer than the ten days because the population is high and yet the questionnaire is too long.

Meanwhile the manager of Poi travellers lodge, Mr Edward Dramani said hotel clients are giving false information to the enumerators while others are claiming not to know their details.

The exercise is also said to have stopped in Kali parish, a disputed area between Yumbe and Moyo districts both claiming it. Both districts had deployed enumerators in the area

In Masaka.
The exercise also started at 8 am. Residents are complaining about the questions.

Semi urban Areas like Gayaza, Kijjabwemi and Kyabakuza are yet to be covered.

In Wakiso
The exercise is on well, with no challenges at all. Positive response from the population

In Bugiri
The enumerators hit the road at 8am and the census exercise has started well in prisons.

The prisons spokesperson Frank Baine says they are coordinating with all prisons across the country to ensure accurate data collection.

He says that at Luzira at least 40 % of the prisoners have already been counted.

Jackie Mulamuzi who is attached to Namasere village says they have not met any challenges, with the population responding positively.

Mulamuzi says they have decided to mark houses where there are no people and will later return to them.

Mulamuzi’s target is 15 homes a day.

In Busoga

The census exercise has been launched at the Kyabazinga's palace in Bugabula. Enumerators reached His Majesty Gabula's home at 8am

In Kampala

The president and his wife Janet Museveni at

The president and his wife Janet Museveni at state house with an enumerator. The first family was enumerated early this morning

In Makindye

The Census is already on. Enumerators go home to home counting people and marking all homes that have taken part

Mulago Hospital

Enumerators have launched the exercise beginning with patients and workers in  ward 3B

In Adjumani

Mr Habib Abubakari, the district publicity secretary said Local council chairpersons in Cecia parish in Adjumani town council demanded to know how much they will be paid before proceeding with the exercise but they have been told to continue as officials make consultations.

In Makindye, the Census is already on. Enumerators go home to home counting people and marking all homes that have taken part.

The district publicity secretary for the census committee Mr Richard Obia has urged foreigners in the district not to fear embracing population census.

A section of aliens had expressed fear that the exercise is only for the nationals like the Identity card project.

“This exercise is for all the residents who are residing in Uganda and therefore nobody should shy away from the enumerators” Obia said.
Arua has a considerable number of Asians, South Sudanese and Congolese refugees in various camps and settlements.

Bushenyi district
According Mrs. Faith Betega, the Bushenyi district census publicist, said the exercise has started well in many parts of the district and there are no bigger complaints. She however said that people are not at their homes most especially in the Bushenyi-ishaka Municipality where people have left for work.
Ndasiime Moses, an enumerator in central cell A2 Bushenyi-ishaka Municipality said that people are still biased and they cant give the required information. " Some have adamantly refused telling me that claiming that they are going to be taxed after the exercise.You ask a person and she keeps quiet. It is a big challenge so far." Moses said.

Facebook Reactions

Mubaraka Abdul U mean they have started today??
How will those in towns and out of there home areas be counted??

Mukasa Kenneth There is a home in our area, have hidden their goats and cows. That the government want to tax their animals in future.

Joshua Niyo l am at the burial am not yet counted not even seen any ,from deep Kanungu

Benì Enrique Akol I am already done with the exercise. The officer seemed clueless at some point though. I also read through the required data and I don't find it very exhaustive.

Nalobi Keneth Am Looking Around No Body Is Appearing At/in My Village En Yet On Radio They Are Saying Today

Josenko Jo I hear in some places of Kampala like ntinda they have not started due to lack of maps disorganization just.

Tegucigalpa Hassa Tunechi Am in Rubaga these ends of Ndeeba near Kabaka's lake, Any way we have not yet counted en i wonder how they are to do it coz some of us we students like me en my family stays in Makerere, so i don't know how will i be counted?

Bakamps Denis I haven't' seen any one to count me and yet have not gone to work.. problem is that I stay alone.

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Are these guys conducting census going to write on our houses again? I remember the chalk marks in 2002. I don't like it. #UGCensus14

I will not contribute to the looting spree which is why I refuse to be counted.. lol

#UGCensus14 provisional results will give total population number, sex and distribution at a district level.

Each of the enumerators I have met is unsatisfied with the training allowances being offered

The #Census14 enumerator aprons are lebelled 2013. One year behind. #howdoesUgandadoit?

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Moses Ismail from Kisasai
They question they (enumerators) ask is how many people slept in this house on the night of 27th August. We are three in the Family, my wife, our child and I. But my wife travelled yesterday evening to |Kisoro. Where is she going to be counted from?

Tugein Brian Karatwa from Rubaga

Hey, I can not see anyone counting in Rubaga