Thursday April 24 2014

Lack of quorum stalls HIV/Aids Bill debate

By Isaac Imaka

Parliament yesterday failed to debate the HIV/Aids Prevention and Control Bill over poor attendance of members.

The quorum procedural point was raised by Agago woman MP Franca Akello. “This Bill is very important and based on the past issues we have had on matters of quorum, it is not right for us to continue voting on clauses in this Bill when we don’t have quorum,” she said.

The Deputy Speaker’s attempt to convince the Agago legislator to allow Parliament proceed with the Bill and stand over controversial clauses fell on deaf ears as the legislator pushed that Parliament restricts itself to the rules of procedure.

“We have rules of procedure in this House and we should stick to what the rules say,” she said as she countered MPs who were asking that the House disregard the quorum issue arguing that the other members would find the debate along the way.