Friday January 10 2014

Lamogi clan threatens breakaway

By James Owich & Ronnie Layoo

Amuru- The third largest Acholi clan, Lamogi, has threatened to break away from Acholi cultural institution, citing corruption that has bedeviled the institution.

The Lamogi Clan chief and elders claim the scandals in which the paramount chief and other officials have been implicated in are some of the reasons for the breakaway threat.

The threats come three days after a visit by the Acholi Paramount Chief Rwot David Onen Acana II, to the area in a bid to improve ties between the mainstream cultural institution and the Lamogi Clan.

Mr Benjamin Ocaya, an elder from the Lamogi Clan, said the cultural institution abandoned them and also misused the funds that were meant to sensitise locals on peace building and war recovery.

Not ready for the mess
He said the Lamogi Clan was not ready to be part of the mess brewing up in the institution following an alleged misuse of more than Shs200 million from donors.

“The problem is the paramount chief’s failure to unite the chiefs. He choose to work with just a few people who have in the end the funds,” Mr Ocaya said.

He claimed the paramount chief had failed to fit in the shoes of his late father Acana I, who was a symbol of unity in the kingdom.

He added the Lamogi Clan had been left with no option but to distance itself from an institution that has failed to live according to values bettering and reintegrating its people.