Thursday June 19 2014

Lands boss for questioning over Katanga land titles


The Commissioner of Land Registration, Ms Sarah Kulata has been summoned for cross examination over land titles in connection with the ownership dispute on the 37 acre land in Katanga near Makerere.

Justice Alphonse Owinyi Dollo of the Land Division of the High Court summoned Ms Kulata to appear before court on June 20 this year to clarify on the land titles held between Makerere University and four family members.

Ms Kulata, who will be appearing for the second time, is a witness in the 14 year old dispute in which the family members; Jonathan Yosamu Masembe, Bulasio Buyisi, George Kalimu and Samalie Nambogo are challenging the cancellation of their land titles against the registrar of titles and unlawful ownership of their land by Makerere University.

In the case against the Attorney General (AG) and Makerere University, the complainants are seeking for orders to declare them as legal owners of the land located between Mulago Hospital and Makerere University.

Court documents indicate that the 37 acre land was part of the 83 acres formerly owned by the late Rev. Samwili Mukasa who transferred the same into the names of his two sons.

Ms Kulata earlier testified that the land title held by Makerere University for ownership of the 37 acre land in Katanga near Wandegeya has mistakes because the then registrar of titles failed to calculate the acreage of land after deductions were made in 2006.

She said the registrar made a mistake in deducting two areas to indicate 10.3 hectares instead of 9.013 hectares but the university possessed the land since 1940s as a donation from a governor.

It is alleged that the Kabaka granted the said land to Rev. Mukasa as private mailo in the late 1800 and a title was registered in 1907 before it was transferred in 1935.

Court heard that the four complainants are successors of the Late Mukasa, which land they acquired upon application for probate and letters of administration granted to them in 1987.