Saturday May 26 2012

List of goverment sponsored students

By Abdu Kiyaga, Patience Ahimbisibwe & Al-Mahdi Ssenkabirwa


Public Universities have released a list of government sponsored students for the next academic year. At least 3,000 students were selected on academic merit with 75 per cent of the places going to those admitted into science courses and 25 per cent reserved for humanities.

The government sponsors 4,000 students overall in the five institutions of higher learning of Makerere, Kyambogo, Mbarara, Busitema and Gulu universities. Out of the additional 1000 slots, are for talented sports people, 64 go to persons with disabilities while districts take 896 through the district quota system.

Makerere admits 2000 students and the rest are shared by the other four public universities. The 2012/2013 academic year begins in August.
Officials from Public Universities Joint Admission Board said the cut-off points were raised especially for the science courses because of last year’s improved performance in Senior Six examinations.

At least 65,417 students passed and are eligible to join university. The cut-off points for admission into a particular programme are determined by the lowest score of the last person accepted into that programme. According to the list of cut-off points, there is sharp competition for science and business progranmmes like it has been in the last three years.

This is also attributed to government’s deliberate policy of promoting sciences in the interest of producing more job creators.

The release of the list for government sponsored students means that privately sponsored students are now free to apply. The university academic year begins in August. The competition is most stiff for medicine, engineering, health management, and surveying. Overall, admission points for over 80 per cent science courses went up, according to the list.

For instance, a student needs 51 points to pursue pharmacy at Mbarara University, up from 45.2 points last year while at Makerere the same course requires one to have 51.3 points from 48.3 points last year. At Gulu University, those who were admitted on pharmacy scored 48.2 points, up from 44.9 points last year. For the law course, there is no cut-off mark set this year as they used the new method of pre-entry exams conducted recently.

The most competitive courses at Mbarara University are nursing, pharmacy and medicine as was the case last year.
At Kyambogo University, guidance and counselling, building and civil engineering, economics and statistics are among the top courses. At Gulu University, business administration has the highest cut-off point of 48.3, followed by medicine and economics.

Due to the limited vacancies available in public universities, many students who passed will have to try their chances in the 24 private ones.