Live Feed: Museveni addressing parliament

16:45 EAC: I will tell you about fighting corruption when you come back from recess. You wait, my kick takes time to produce results. Only the one with experience to solve previous problems can solve the current ones.

Thursday December 13 2012

16:45 EAC: I will tell you about fighting corruption when you come back from recess. You wait, my kick takes time to produce results. Only the one with experience to solve previous problems can solve the current ones. It the NRM that stopped road blocks, that stopped corruption in Uganda Revenue Authority that built a professional army. It is the NRM that will eliminate corruption in the public service. We have now entered that phase. The exposure of corruption in the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Public Service, Bank of Uganda, the Ministry of Finance, was mad by NRM cadres, police and me when I was informed. The dishonesty of people who are talking about corruption is shocking.

The Auditor General did not discover corruption in public service and the Office of the Prime Minister. It was NRM cadres who made the alarm and moved in before involving the Auditor General. When I hear the lies on the radio, I get shocked. The NRM is the one which fought the previous battles and has started fighting the current one (corruption).

NRM members should be proud about this. NRM cadres have stopped the theft of drugs in health centres across the country. If the drugs are finished but not stolen, that is another matter.

The theft of the Basajjabalaba money was discovered by NRM supporters even before Parliament was informed. Therefore, stay tuned, you will hear how NRM will kick corruption out of the public service.

End of session

16:30 EAC: Foreigners always get it wrong. They supported Idi Amin but we opposed him. When we were disarming the Karimojong, they opposed us through a UPC member David Pulkor. At the end of the day, we were right. I don’t listen to foreigners. I listen to them when they are right and talkin in a nice way. If they don’t talk in a nice way, I tell them to go to hell.

Then there are some who have bad manners. Let’s talk about Bishop Niringiye for example. I did not hear his efforts in defence of Ugandans who were being slaughtered during the bad past regimes.  He was found wanting at the crucial hour. Ssekikubo was around when Kony was killing, maiming and raping Ugandans. What did this young fighter do to help us? I did not see Ssekikubo volunteering to help us. The situation in the country has stabilised. Inflation has come down. Besigye was saying the economy will not recover but inflation now is less than 5 per cent despite his riots. Load shedding has reduced after completion of Bujagali Dam.

16:15 EAC: The malignment by some internal sabotage on behalf of foreign parasitic interests should be fought legally, politically and in the media.

Do you know how CNOOC from China came in, there was ENI, if Mbabazi ate their bribe, he ate for nothing (laughter) because they didn’t get the licence. I am not saying he (Mbabazi) did.

16:02 EAC: They resort to Ssekikubo, Nuwagaba , Katuntu and others. This is part of giving licences because if you don’t do what I want you to do, I cancel the licences. I punish you by revoking the licences.

The success of oil programme will mean economic independence for the country. At these seminars in various hotels in Kampala, they were giving Shs1 million per person who attended. The so-called facilitators were being paid Shs5 million per person. Some of these are leaders in the politics of Uganda. I have written to the IGG about these foreign agents. I am told one  NGO spent Shs1.5 billion to organise a seminar in Kampala. Where do they get this money?

16:02 EAC: All these are funded by foreign interests. The recent circus on clause 9 on whether the minister should issue permits or revoke them is not about the minister. It is about the scientists we have. The minister is an electrician. These people they wanted to avoid were the petroleum scientists in the ministry of energy because they have blocked so many of the schemes by foreign interests. The clause is not about the minister but the ministry. By the time they went to Ssekikubo, they had approached me. They argued that the scientists although they discovered oil, they didn’t know how to negotiate. Ssekikubo is the new route. When they say avoid the minister, they are targeting the scientists who have blocked many criminal schemes.

For example, one of the schemes is the recoverable oil. There is  1 billion barrels but what you can pump out is only a portion. Recently, one of the oil companies in their field development plans, said they would recover only 7% of the oil. They put this in writing. The scientists said that was impossible and they started saying the scientists are not co-operative.

We have documents where someone is proposing pumping only 7%. These companies are interested in quick money and go away after damaging the wells. That’s why they are resorting to these various oil fora

15:45 EAC: The other area we need to look at is real estate owned by the government. Idi Amin bought a house in New York and it is bringing in more than one million dollars per annum to Uganda. What if we had property in other countries like Brazil?

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