Sunday January 26 2014

Live updates of the 28th NRM Liberation anniversary

3:42 EAT: Function ends

3: 10 EAT: A local FDC politician in Mayuge District declares quitting the party and joining the ruling NRM. He uses President Museveni’s microphone to announce his decision.  The two (President Museveni and the new NRM entrant) leave the dais  and proceed to their respective seats.

2: 54 EAT: People who mislead people basing on tribes and religion to attain political mileage should be shunned. Why do we find Uganda in South Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda if tribes are that important? Avoid such people. They are liars and enemies. My milk is not bought by Banyankole yet I am one of them. It is bought by people in South Sudan, DR Congo, Kenya and other countries. You should seize opportunities outside your tribes and religious circles.

Some useless people have been questioning why I sent the army to South Sudan. Why shouldn’t I send the army to a place where we get food? What is the purpose of the army? Such people are not even fit to be village chairpersons.

2:45 EAT: Throughout the country, there are numerous road and electricity projects using our own money. This is a harbinger for things to come. The future is bright and we thank our development partners in the US, Europe, China and elsewhere for helping us

2:44 EAT: We are restructuring Naads to spend money on breeding seeds instead of wasting money on salaries and allowances.

2:35 EAT: We are going to restructure National Agriculture Advisory Services (Naads) and sack all the corrupt officials who have been stealing Naads money. We shall retain only technocrats who have the expertise to promote commercial farming. I challenge extension officers to emulate the team of soldiers led by Gen Salim Saleh who are helping selected farmers to. We have been spending Shs120 billion every year on Naads but nothing has changed. The soldiers have distributed 5 million coffee seedlings and one million seedlings of tea among other crops in the country using only Shs8 billion.

2:20 EAT: The GDP per capital now stands at 600 dollars, despite subsistence farming being rampant in the country. If all farmers engage in commercial farming, the GDP per capita would double. Small pieces of land can become more productive if the owners engaged in commercial farming.  

2:16 EAT: A computerised register of all persons living in Uganda will help us fight crime and help expose crooks who have been engaging in multiple voting during elections. Opposition groups  mainly Forum for Democratic change have been engaging in such malpractices.  That’s why they have been able to win in some areas like Kampala. I ask Gen. Aronda (minister of Internal Affairs) and ministry of finance officials to expedite the process of national identity cards.

2:10 EAT: President Museveni says the ability to bring peace was because of the character of the NRM.

That's why people say they have peace (bebaka ku tulo). An indisciplined and ideologically bankrupt army cannot bring peace. I am going to follow up the soldiers who committed atrocities at Mukula and other place in northern Uganda during the insurgency. Those who made those mistakes and are still alive will be brought to book. Families that were affected would also be compensated. Civilians should stop fearing reporting soldiers and police officers who violate their rights.

1:43 EAT: Award of medals to various people who contributed in the struggle starts. Gen Elly Tumwine. 50th Anniversary Golden Independence medals and Nalubaale are the categories of medals to be given out, according to Gen Tumwine. President Museveni assisted by senior army officers decorate those who have been awarded.

This year's national celebrations are at Mayuge district headquarters. President Yoweri Museveni is attending the function. Various government officials, diplomats, civil society, business and religious leaders, school children, veterans and civilians have graced the occasion. This year's theme is: Joining hands for a better future.