Friday August 1 2014

Locals blame lightning deaths on govt


Residents of Bushenyi District have accused government of neglecting its duty to protect people.

The remarks follows a recent incident at Buramba Primary School where lightning struck and killed eight pupils in Primary Six and Seven.

During a dialogue in Bushenyi Town on Tuesday, residents called upon government to put lightning conductors in schools and public buildings to safeguard people’s lives.

“Most schools are government-aided and at every stage of procurement, arrestors should be considered so that they are installed as part of construction. We are losing many people to lightning,” Mr Waitanga Katweire, a resident, said.

Kashenshero Town Council town clerk Gordon Arinda, said: “As engineers make plans and come up with costs of the materials, they should be having lightning arrestors in their bills so that they are considered. This is something not hard for the government to undertake.”